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U2 The Edge | Kemper Amp | Liveplayrock Guitar Tones style pack
“in the style of” 

Pack compatible with all Kemper amp devices:
Kemper amp rack – head – stage

Video demo:



  • 17 kemper rigs 
  • included some signature songs:
  • Where the streets have no name,
  • Pride (in the name of love),
  • Bad,
  • Vertigo,
  • Sunday bloody sunday,
  • Beautiful day,
  • and 2  The Edge basic tone (Clean and crunch rhythm)!
  • Info PDF presets inside
  • Pack compatible with all Kemper amp devices:
    Kemper amp rack – head – stage
  • It is recommended to use the RM editor to import files.
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!
The sound of “The Edge”, U2 guitarist, is one of the most distinctive in the world. Like few other guitarists (see David Gilmour, Brian May to name a few of the most famous) they have made their sound a personal trademark. To make this sound pack I listened to both the studio versions and the live versions (Milan – Dublin) easily available online and from there I started modeling my ear and my sounds on the kemper!
Every day I discovered some more details!
The use of the pick on the side of the zigline, allows you to give a touch slightly closer to the sound of The Edge. Even the use of the stratocaster in position 2 (starts from the bottom) allows you to have that star sound that already brings us closer to a more credible sound for a moment!
Every guitarist has his mysteries and his magic, Liveplayrock wants to get closer and bring guitarists closer to a good starting point!

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