“Useful Tones” for KEMPER AMP 

A great kemper pack with amazing ready to play tones!
Kemper rigs optimized for the following pickups: humbucker, mini humbucker and single coil.
From pop to rock and metal!


  • Tot. 14 kemper rigs + 3 IRs
  • “Clean” (awesome clean tone, suitable for any musical genre for rhythm and arpeggios parts)
  • “Clean 2” (tremolo, pop rock stereo clean)
  • “Clean Leslie”(jazzy Leslie rhythm tone)
  • “Clean Funky” (compressed tones for funky style)
  • “Clean ambient” ( three-dimensional, stereophonic, air-rich tone)
  • “Crunch” (useful rhythm tone)
  • “Dst compress”(power-full distortion tone optimized for riff and power!)
  • “Dst Les” (awesome distortion tone optimized for Les Paul type guitars)
  • “Dst wha” (active your exp pedal and get in!)
  • “Lead” (awesome lead solo tone)
  • “Lead 2 Fend SC” 
(fendy distortion tone optimized for single coil type guitars)
  • “Lead 2” (distortion tone optimized for humb guitars)
  • “Lead mini humb” (distortion tone optimized for mini-humb guitars)
  • “Lead 2 infinity” 
(lead atmospheric tone)
  • 3 IRs (Celestion V30 speakers)
  • Ready to play rigs with effects