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Vox Ac30 kemper

Vox Ac30 kemper

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AC30 kemper pack

A historic sound, an amplifier that made history. Adored by many guitarists! An amplifier with a British soul and a lot of rock.

This pack contains the amp profiles of the Vox Ac30 amplifier, but it is not simply a microphone in front of an amp …. Behind each profile there is the personal search for the tones to be given to the guitar, to arrive at the final result with simplicity and character!…Inside each kemper rig is a piece of Liveplayrock!

Info point:

Tot. 66 kemper amp profiling

Vox Ac30 model + Brian May signature model amp!

  • 55 Vox Ac30 amp
  • 10 Vox Ac30 BM signature amp
  • This package includes part of the kemper package dedicated to Queen – Brian May

John Lennon and George Harrison of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Rory Gallagher and Brian May. It was later also used by The Edge, Kasabian, Joy Division and Radiohead.

It provides, especially on the distorted channel, the typical sounds of British rock and adapts to various styles of rock, from hard rock to blues.


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