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Download free rig

Welcome to the Live Play Rock site!
For every user who owns the kemper I am happy to give you a free fantastic Kemper rig to use on your set up!

In the following video I use the Kemper amp rig to create an atmosphere without the need for pads, keyboards or additional effects! All in one sound, under your control, on every parameter! Seeing is believing!


The rig is a profiling of a Marshall amplifier. Try it as it is, and if you like, write me a comment on how it sounds to you!

Check out all the packages I have dedicated to Marshal in the Kemper shop section!


3Amp profiling:
Tones: Rock, Metal, Pop.

42 kemper rigs
“MSL JCM800”

42 kemper rigs
profiling amp MARSHALL JCM800

The amplifier was equipped with EL34 valves (tubes) for amps sold in the UK and 6550 tubes for amps exported to the United States. The JCM800 is considered a “hot” amplifier because it has more gain stages than comparable amplifiers, and in “lead” mode (in the “high” input), an extra triode provides extra gain to the pre-amplifier, which “made for one hot rock amp”.  
artist: Eric Clapton, Slahs, Zakk Wylde, Jeff Beck, Tom Morello, Buddy Guy and a lot of 80’s rockstars!!


12 kemper rig

Amp profiling: MARSHALL PLEXI
Tones: Rock, Hard Rock, Pop.

12 kemper rigs


Amp profiling: MARSHALL JTM45
Tones: Classic Rock, Pop, Hard Rock.


Music Marketing Strategies for Musicians

Music Marketing Strategies for Musicians

Some people think that success depends on luck, the others know that it depends on hard work and opportunities. Most of them don’t realize that success depends on what strategies you use to promote your music and yourself.

No matter how much you think about how to promote your music, you secretly hope that one day you’ll be discovered by some celebrity and it will be your way to the top. It happens, sometimes.

Like it happened to Ed Sheeran who was busking on the streets of LA and trying to join all the open mics he could find. Then, one night he was discovered by Jamie Foxx.

Dream big, but also be armed with effective marketing strategies for your music promotion, just in case your Fairy Godmother won’t show up. Besides, if you don’t market your music, nobody will know it exists.

How to get started?

Music is your product. You are the creator, and your goal is to sell your product. First of all, you need to learn how to create a marketing plan.

In this article I will let you read some simple but fundamental steps to follow to the letter (and with art). They are not magic formulas, but a road to follow when the digital market becomes so important that all musicians have the obligation to be there to really exist!

Here are the first steps of doing it:

1-Analyze the market

In your case, it’s the music industry. Identify your “competitors” and what makes you different from them. Based on your musical genre, your presence, your characteristics that determine your identity card as a musician, fill in the list of your possible competitors.

Having competitors must not have a negative meaning! Rather! Having competitors means having a stimulus to improve, have a point of reference to follow, always have something to improve and reach!

Once the competition is understood, you can really start working on your unique strengths and points! This will be your unique sales proposal.

2-Define your audience

What are your potential fans? Depending on the musical genre, you must characterize your target audience. Try to describe the identikit of your model fan with adjectives, age groups and social groups.

This step is very important to better understand the language to use, the images to be published, the look to wear, and everything that can be used to identify and identify! Feeling part of “something” is a driving and stimulating element!

3-Establish your long-term and short-term goals

Write down your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve your goals: write down an action plan.  

Are you planning to release a new album by the end of this year? Do you want to emerge as a freelance musician online? Do you want to sell your music online? Do you want to become the best teacher on YouTube? Do you want to live as a musician through the website?

Many can be the goals, more or less large to achieve! What matters is having an action plan to follow step by step with perseverance, investment and dedication. This is why it is important to understand what you want to become (long-term goal) and how to achieve it step by step (short-term goals).

4-Determine your marketing strategies

Plan step by step what to do. They can be daily or weekly actions. But you must have a marketing plan that allows you to start, monitor, analyze and achieve everything you do and do!

Take your time, analyze what you can really do with the time available, surround yourself with professionals to shorten the time and always invest in your future!

No one more than yourself will be able to invest in their own strength!

5-Create a budget

After determining the marketing strategies, you need to calculate the budget. How much money are you willing to pay to promote your career?

The BUDGET is as important as every single step taken so far! it is intuitive to calculate in detail one thousand items if then you do not have real resources available to reach a potential audience on which to start working! There are many small steps to get to our audience without spending big amounts of money, but a minimum of investment (especially initial, but also maintenance) will be essential!

Now test yourself and REMEMBER: You can’t successfully promote your musical career without creating a winning marketing plan!

life as a musician: the day of the live

Life as a musician: the day of the live

Making live music is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences a musician can do, but there are so many passages that people don’t know!

In support there is also a video (with English subtitles to be activated) and is about 11 minutes, the final part (the last 6 minutes above all) I consider them very important to listen to).  
Let’s see the backstage of a live, how is the day organized?

Pack the equipment.

Once we have a date and a meeting time, the first thing to do on the day of the live is to prepare the equipment needed to face the evening! Guitars in cases, storing and rearranging jacks and power supplies in a well-organized box, preparing amplifiers and various pedals! If the date is further away, it is always recommended (where possible) to bring a briefcase with the bare minimum.

All this is better to do it an hour before leaving, so we are always ready to tackle small incidents in the race! I always recommend writing a list with the objects and tools to take with you, in order to clear with an x ​​all the things we have on appeal.

My list when I go out to play is: Kemper amp – suitcase pedals – jack and midi box – guitar 1 and 2 – suitcase with clothes and sheet music – music stand – cell – keys – wallet


Once the instrumentation has been loaded into the car, we usually arrive at between 5 and 6 pm. Once you arrive, it’s always a good idea to check the situation to understand where to place the instrumentation on stage the best. 30min max to mount and then, with the support of the service (in the figure of the engineer) we begin to level the volumes outside and on stage!

This moment is decisive for the success of the exhibition. Volumes on stage (or in-ear) badly made, means bad listening and therefore a worse performance! Always take care to put yourself in the best listening conditions! Move to the stage, take stress tests, try to anticipate any problems! Usually for 7 pm everything must be finished!


After checking the sounds and volumes, a briefing is done to understand if everything is working at its best and to have clear every step of the evening, then you can all go to dinner!

The relaxation phase begins, we eat, we fuck around, we drink and we compare ourselves for an hour and a half. Then a little drink together to make a group and finally the pre-live psychological preparation phase!


The most important moment for every musician! It doesn’t matter if you have eaten well or badly, if you are tired or rested, if they turn you or if you have a fever! The 2 hours of the live show are those exposed to the public, so LOAD A THOUSAND ALWAYS! There are no excuses of any kind! You have to give your best because all those hours of waiting and preparation are aimed precisely at the show! Sometimes I happened to play with awful headphone ratings, which means I didn’t hear the sound of my guitar, and the rest of the band felt distorted! In that case I used to go to memory. I knew the repertoire well (thankfully) and playing at heart I got to the end of the evening!

Post live

After the concert, it is the time for the maximum adrenaline phase, to be used to talk again with the people who have come to hear us play! Making PR is important for those who make music! Obviously it is also the moment of the drink to recharge!

Come back home

The most important moment and what I explain in detail in the video is the return! I advise you to watch it because I explain in detail also some experiences that I have experienced personally! Alcohol and sleep can be 2 bad companies! EYE!

life as a musician: my first guitar

life as a musician: my first guitar

More than 600 live together with the first guitar my parents gave me at the age of 10. This is the story of my first guitar!

If you like tell me also your story in the comments!


We are all fond of a guitar (or musical instrument) in particular. In my case, my first guitar is the instrument to which I have been more attached over time, because thanks to that Fender I learned the first chords, the first notes, the first broken strings under my fingers, the first atomic volumes in the house and then in the rehearsal room, the first band, the first concerts, the first written songs and finally the first works as a professional.

The first years of guitar were very normal … I was the classic child who studied half an hour before entering in guitar lesson. I hated solfeggio, I didn’t know how to read the notes and the scores for home I memorized them visually from my teacher to avoid telling him that I didn’t know how to read music.


From 10 years up to about 17, I never thought of being a musician, even if the idea of ​​being a rock star would pass me at least once a day … who wouldn’t dream big, especially at that age? ! After the first essays with my Fender I went to the dark side of the first band, where the members are often historical friends and the songs to play the most absurd and disparate! The typical lineup was: light dawn, 18 and life, gianna, plastic love, smoke on the water, knocking on heavens door etc … Yes I know, there is no connection, but we had to link everyone’s musical tastes. I liked the SKid Row, the Guns, the drummer the 883, the canante Dolcenera and Elisa, the bassist the Irish folk and the other guitarist Dream Theater. I would say that not even with Tinder we will have found ourselves today considering everyone’s tastes!


However the band starts to grind evidence! We are all ecstatic and the lives are coming slowly. Some shows in various and disparate places for a pizza offer or for a pizza that we had to pay for ourselves, some local contests and lots of energy and experience to pack! We played in all situations at the beginning (and it was so nice in retrospect): from the live outdoor on December 23rd with 2 degrees and a down jacket that doesn’t let you see the guitar keyboard (not to mention frozen hands) up to get to the live in a basement of a Florentine restaurant that had miscalculated the spaces that evening! Playing in faraway places was a source of inspiration and made you feel important … Playing a few miles from home was a loser! You want to stay out all day, maybe sleep outside (of course in a certain total remittance!). This is the spirit that lived in me and in my first Fender guitar: the desire to play, to perform, to experience, to fully experience every single moment on stage!

If you are intrigued now, to learn more watch the attached video at the top of the page where I tell you more stories about my first guitar!

Music theory is simple

Music theory is simple

Music theory is simple if we understand each study step! Studying music theory and starting from concepts that are already complex (something that often happens) is wrong and often discourages those who try to approach them! We think of the study of music theory as the construction of a house: we need the foundations, the right terrain, bricks, cement etc … The house is built brick by brick, step by step, just as we can and must build our theoretical musical knowledge!

From the note to the major scale

It starts with a sound, which we can call by the name of C. The C note is just a sound with a name, but to form a scale it needs other different sounds. Here we have to use a magic formula called structural formula: TONE TONE semitone TONE TONE TONE semitone. (where “TONE” means 2 forward keys and “semitone” means 1 forward key).

Following this formula, starting from the note of C, we reach the other sounds that will be C D E F G A B. (from C to D there is a TONE, from D to E there is a TONE, from E to F there is a semitone and so on …). Now we have 7 different notes (or sounds), and we have formed our first major scale.

From the major scale to the chords

We have single sounds, which we can use to make solos, melodic themes or vocal lines, but we don’t have the chords to play on yet! How can we quickly form chords using the notes we found? 7 notes means we can find and build 7 different chords, each built on top of each note. If we take the first, third and fifth note (each time starting from a different note) we will find the notes that constitute an chord. For example, the chord built on the first C note will be a C maj (which includes the notes C E G) where C is the first degree, E the third degree and G the fifth degree. Same thing we will do each time starting from a different note for all 7. For example, the one after will be the D chord (composed by the notes D F A). And keep it up to the end !.

Major and minor chords

Now that we have 7 chords (or the so-called GIRO ARMONICO), C D E F G A B, we must understand if they are major or minor chords. To do this there is a quick trick. Just take the first degree and the third degree for each chord and measure the distance. If the distance is one tone + one semitone the chord will be minor, if instead the distance is 2 tone the chord will be major.

For example, let’s take our firstchord: C. As seen it is composed of the notes C E G. Taking the measurements between C(first degree) and E (third degree) we will note that there is 2 distance tone, so the chord is major. Another example, let’s take the second chord: D. As seen it is composed of the notes D F A. Taking the measurements between D (first degree) and F (third degree) we will note that there is 1 tone + a semitone of distance, so the chord is minor.

Play and understand Michael Jackson’s rhythmic guitars

How to play and understand Michael Jackson’s rhythmic guitars

Guitar parts in Michael Jackson’s tunes are very particular, because it goes from funky sounds like Billie Jean Smooth Criminal up to Beat It!

20 Killer Licks guitar

If you love rock these are the musical phrasings for you!

"Licksology 2" - Fabrizio Leo

Fabrizio Bicio Leo presents “Licksology 2”,
exclusively his second didactic video lesson (Rock and virtuoso guitarist)

Fractal AXE-FX II, AXE-FX III and AX8 packs

Insta Guitar Acoustic

12 Modern acoustic guitar arpeggios

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Playing the guitar parts of Jackson’s songs is always a huge emotion … guitars are always original, at the service of the song!

I give you some advice on how to use these sounds and on which parts I am going to use them!

how to play the most famous guitar parts

In order, I dealt with the guitar riff of Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean, Thriller, Bad and Beat it!

I advise you to listen carefully to the guitars in the mix of Michael Jackson songs! They are mixed and arranged so well that often they are not perceived at first listen … but the time you dedicate to them will repay you in rhythmic happiness and safety!


Michael Jackson kemper amp pack will be released on Friday 24 July:

20 kemper rigs from best Jackson’s songs!

  • Beat it
  • Smooth criminal
  • Billie Jean
  • Black or white
  • Bad
  • Thriller
  • Dirty Diana
  • Man in the mirror
  • They don’t care about us
  • Funky live sounds

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Rock Metal kemper amps pack

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All Marshall amps Bundle

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120 rigs

“LICKSOLOGY 2” Fabrizio Leo

Video lesson - LICKSOLOGY 2 by Fabrizio Leo
Learn a lot shred and virtuoso guitar licks

Guitar-video library

The best way to learn the guitar!
Best professionals at your service

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