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Q: Where and when do I get my digital product? How does the whole process work?

well, it is really simple as well as easy. As soon as you buy something with your purchasing email address you will immediately receive an email containing the download link. Remember to checking out your spam folder (it might be there).

Q: After my purchase I did not receive the download link.

If you don’t get the download link immediately after your purchase please make sure of:

  1. email address correctly written. If an incorrect email is entered, the download link will not arrive. If you find that you have typed the email incorrectly, please contact assistance.
  2. checking out your spam folder (it might be there).
  3. depending on the settings of each mailbox, there may be active filters that block emails with attachments coming from outside. Please contact assistance.
Q: I am unable to import presets into the device correctly. How can I do?

Please, before importing presets into your device, make sure you have the latest version of the Firmware/OS installed and have the Editor update to the latest version.

Q: My Helix-Hx Stomp gives me trouble importing presets. (Various errors, including the most common: “the device does not recognize models”). What can I do?

Take a look here to solve (to fix) any kind of error about Helix – Hx Stomp and PODo device: https://www.liveplayrock.com/helix-and-hx-stomp-common-error-and-how-to-fix-it/ 

Q: I cannot properly load / import kemper rigs on my kemper. What can I do?

Using an older version of your RM or OS can lead to errors. To successfully import presets to your Kemper you need to make sure you have the latest version of your Kemper OS installed. Also you need to make sure you have the latest compatible version of Rig Manager RM installed to import everything correctly and make the most of your Kemper.