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Firehouse 80s special band 
Kemper amp pack “in the style of” 

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Firehouse 80s kemper pack 

Info point: 

  • Tot 26 kemper rigs
  • signature songs:
  • All She Wrote
  • Overnight Sensation
  • Helpless
  • Don’t Walk Away
  • Oughta Be a Law
  • Reach the Sky
  • Sleeping With You
  • Don’t Treat Me Bad
  • Shake & Tumble
  • Rock You Tonight
  • When I Look Into Your Eyes
  • Lover’s Lane
  • Rock On The Radio
  • +3 Marshall Jcm 800 profiling (Rhythm – boosted – solo)

In the demo video I used: Humbucker Super distortion DiMarzio bridge position for all rigs

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4 kemper pack from 80’s rock band
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(Bon Jovi – Whitesnake – Def Leppard – Motley Crue)
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