Free Guitar rig and impulse IR for HEADRUSH

Hi everyone I’m Thomas, you are welcome on Liveplayrock!
If you came here to download the free video’s Headrush rig, you are in the right place!

Rig compatible for all Headrush devices (Pedalboard, Gigboard and MX5). Liveplayrock V30 IR impulse Included!

I created this Headrush rig to show you and make you feel how from a single rig tone it is possible to reach many more guitar tones than we can imagine!
Today’s goal is to amaze you and try to make you understand how to get more guitar tones with a single preset!

Watch the demo video now to understand the potential (with English subtitles)!

Starting with a Soldano SLO 100 amplifier modeler (an amplifier born for rock), I will try to show you how to get more tones, from a clean to a rock solo!
All with a single preset, helping us with the use of stomps inside the rig chain! In fact it is possible to use the Headrush even as if it had snapshots (as in Line 6) that is the possibility to activate or deactivate stomps already present in the chain!

What is really important? On the one hand you need to have a good tone, with the right settings and using the correct Impulses and device setting. Those who like me and Livepalyrock made presets, the technique is important, that is to know how to best set stomps, amps, effects and Impulses.
On the other hand, the guitarist who uses it is important and fundamental! The guitarist must be able to use their skills to the fullest! From a clean we got to the solo up to the shimmer!
It is important to know how to use the right sensitivity, the right touch, know how to use your guitar well and give space to your creativity!


I hope I have given you some great ideas!
Download it for free on the Liveplayrock website and let me know what you think!

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