Free kemper rigs “Welcome home pack” release 2020

Liveplayrock.com is proud to share with all “kemper-lovers” 14 free kemepr rigs guitar tones.

“Welcome home – New release 2020”

In the last 3 years we have profiled only the best guitar amps.

14 Free kemper rigs for tasting the sounds and the guitar tones that liveplayrock.com is proud to produce!

Watch demo video about free kemper rigs:

Download here your “welcome home pack” and take a look!

On offer for you: discover them now!

use the discount code “LPR15”

In addition to the amplifiers, we have also created kemper signature packages of international artists and bands that have marked the history of the guitar with their sounds!

Also discover all the amplifiers individually profiled on the page dedicated to stack and rack amps!
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