Ambient kemper amp profiles

Debit or Credit card – PayPal Download now  Ambient kemper pack 2021 Alessandro Zilio signature tones Terms and conditions     More payment options  video demo:  “Ambient” kemper pack 2021 Alessandro Zilio signature tones In the Kemper pack you’ll find a selection of 10 ambient profiles from clean to pushed cleans – mid gain tones.These tones are a must […]

Acoustic kemper pack

download now Acoustic Guitar kemper pack 2021 Terms and condition     Don’t have PayPal? Do you want to pay in another way? contact me immediately on: assistance.liveplayrock@gmail.com video demo Acoustic kemper pack 2021 Liveplayrock After months of tuning and testing, Liveplayrock gave the green light to the first kemper pack for all acoustic guitarists. The […]

AXE FX III Echoes Park pack

“The Echoes Park” pack by Edo ScordoFRACTAL AXE FX III presets Tax included More payment options Terms and condition     Video demo: “The Echoes Park” AXE FX III pack Liveplayrock proudly presents “The Echoes Park” AXE FX III Pack by Edoardo Scordo Inspired by the sounds of the 80’s and 90’s (YES, GENESIS and PINK […]