Van Halen Helix Hx stomp

Van Halen “in the style of” | Guitar presets 2021 | Line 6 Pack compatible with: HELIX HELIX LT HX STOMP HX STOMP XL HELIX NATIVE Terms and conditions More payment options  video demo INFO POINT: Tot. 9 guitar presets + 2 IRs VH Eruption guitar preset like “Eruption” or solo tone, VH hot teacher guitar […]

Michael Jackson kemper pack

Tax included More payment options Terms and condition Watch the demo video to get an idea of ​​what you can get! Michael Jackson kemper pack best songs LIVE PLAY ROCK proudly presents: Michael Jackson “sounds like” kemper pack! KEMPER PACK “Michael Jackson” sounds like” Artist pack dedicated to Michael Jackson and his guitarists!24 kemper rigs […]

Play and understand Michael Jackson’s rhythmic guitars

How to play and understand Michael Jackson’s rhythmic guitars Guitar parts in Michael Jackson’s tunes are very particular, because it goes from funky sounds like Billie Jean Smooth Criminal up to Beat It! Playing the guitar parts of Jackson’s songs is always a huge emotion … guitars are always original, at the service of the […]