“Days of quarantine” – Mr.T music production

“Days of quarantine” – Free TAB Backing and Rig Hi, I’m Thomas, today I want to present you one of a series of my unpublished works.I think it is important to be able to give voice to emotions through music!In the long moments of quarantine due to Covid–19 many things have changed in my life, […]

KISS kemper pack

KISS kemper pack Liveplayrock is proud to present a special kemper pack: KISS kemper pack “sounds like” The sounds that accompanied Kiss on tour in the last 20 years of their long musical history! KISS kemper pack 21 kemper rigs ready to rock! Just plug and play it loud!!! Inside the package you will find […]

ENGL Powerball 2 kemper pack

ENGL Powerball 2 “sounds like” KEMPER PACK LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “ENGL“sounds like” KEMPER PACK All kemper rigs ready to use – just download and enjoy it “ENGL Powerball 2” “sounds like” KEMPER PACK 16 best kemper rig from profiling ENGL Powerball 2 amp. That amp accompanied rockstars live and studio. Download now Tax […]

Rock Lead Tones on Kemper

How to Get GREAT Rock Lead Tones…on the Kemper! LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “How to Get GREAT Rock Lead Tones…on the Kemper! And Download the free kemper rig from video demo! How to Get GREAT Rock Lead Tones…on the Kemper! This sound is an inviting preview of the kemper package dedicated to the ENGL […]


All in one pack: all amps you need to get your best tone! Liveplayrock proudly presents: 482 kemper rigs (19 amps) All Guitar tones you need….Are here! You know the popular saying: who spends more, spends less?Now you can apply it with an exceptional Bundle kemper! 482 kemper rigs at best price online! If you […]

LEAD TONE Free kemper rig

How i create a LEAD TONE with kemper! LIVE PLAY ROCK proudly presents: Lead tone with kemper FREE RIG How i create a LEAD TONE with kemper! After years of profiling and various experiments, I think that (absolutely) the first rule to get our best solo sound is to have the best starting point: that […]