4 Rocks kemper rigs

4 Rocks kemper rigs LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “MSL 4 Rocks”: 4 sounds of guitarists who have made rock history and which have marked my personal growth! MSL 4 Rocks KEMPER PACK 4 kemper rigs inspired by the best rock guitarists as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Y.J Malmsteen and Richie Sambora! Download now – […]

Marshall JTM45 “sounds like” KEMPER PACK

Marshall JTM45 “sounds like” KEMPER PACK LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “Marshall JTM45 “sounds like” KEMPER PACK Marshall JTM45 “sounds like” KEMPER PACK 12 kemper rig from profiling Marshall JTM45 ampThat sounds accompanied guitarist live and studio. Download now Tax included More payment options Terms and condition     Watch now Video-demo Collect the sounds of […]

Steve Lukather FREE RIG

Steve Lukather sounds like KEMPER PACK + free rig LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “in the style of” Steve Lukather STEVE LUKATHER sounds like KEMPER PACK + FREE RIG 11 kemper rigs from Bogner Ecstacy 101b amp profile that accompanied the rock guitarist Steve Lukather live and in the studio. STEVE LUKATHER “in the style […]


G3 VAI SATRIANI MALMSTEEN Kemper Pack LIVEPLAYROCK proudly presents a special KEMPER PACK limited edition “G3 – VAI SATRIANI MALMTEEN” Kemper Pack in style of KEMPER PACK – limited edition NEW RELEASE May 2020 Artist pack dedicated to “G3″ guitar heroes: 66 kemper rigs ready to Rock! STEVE VAI JOE SATRIANI Y.J. MALMSTEEN Tax included […]

Andy Timmons KEMPER PACK

Andy Timmons and Lonestar KEMPER PACK LIVE PLAY ROCK proudly presents: Watch the video-demo: Inside the kemper amp package you will find 52 kemper rigs: 12 KEMPER RIGS ready-to-use Andy Timmons-style sounds and his historic MesaBoogie Lonestar amplifier profiling. 40 KEMPER RIGS ready-to-use MesaBoogie Lonestar amplifier profiling. Profiles were created, tested and played with Fender […]

Free kemper rigs “Welcome pack”

Free kemper rigs “Welcome home pack” release 2020 Liveplayrock.com is proud to share with all “kemper-lovers” 14 free kemepr rigs guitar tones. “Welcome home – New release 2020” In the last 3 years we have profiled only the best guitar amps. 14 Free kemper rigs for tasting the sounds and the guitar tones that liveplayrock.com […]