Kemper Christmas pack

🎅AMAZING PRICE – download now 100 guitar tones, 10 kemper pack in one! Terms and condition     video: I wish you a Merry Christmas friend, from Liveplayrock! 10 kemper amps pack in one!100 kemper rigs are ready to use! INFO POINT: Hughes & Kettner Triamp 10 rigs Bogner Shiva 10 rigs Friedman BE100 10 rigs Mesa […]

Shred me now

“Shred me now” free kemper rig If you got here it means that you are:1) a guitarist2) a shred guitarist3) a shred guitarist who has the kemper! Below you will find the kemper rig of the video “SHRED ME NOW” to download for free! Hi, I’m Thomas, and you are welcome on LIVEPLAYROCK! If you […]

All british amps Bundle

Download now Terms and condition     Watch Video demo: All british amps in one kemper pack: get your best tone! Liveplayrock proudly presents: 120 british kemper rigs (12 Marshall amps profiling) All Guitar tones you need….Are here! 12 amps in one kemper pack! All studio profiles in the package are unique. With a single click […]


DOWNLOAD NOW 572 guitar tones 29 amps Terms and condition     Liveplayrock proudly presents: All in one pack: all amps you need to get your best tone! All Guitar tones you need….Are here! Watch some video demo about some amps you will get! You know the popular saying: who spends more, spends less?Now you can […]


Download now! More payment options Terms and condition     Watch some cool videos about it! Virtuoso BUNDLE KEMPER PACK “sounds like” Liveplayrock proudly presents: THE NEW VIRTUOSO BUNDLE VIRTUOSO BUNDLE PACK 228 kemper rigs signature songs of the historic virtuoso guitar tones Joe Satriani 34 rigs Steve Vai 20 rigs Y.J. Malmsteen 40 rigs Jason Becker […]


Download now EVH 5150 amp “sounds like” KEMPER PACK 30 kemper rig from profiling EVH 5150 v3 amp.BEST ROCK AMP PROFILING EVER That sounds accompanied rocker live and studio. Tax included More payment options Terms and condition     Tot. 30 kemper rigs: 10 rigs clean 10 rigs rock rhythm 10 rigs rock (for riff or […]