smoke on the water solo

Smoke on the water solo kemper rig Hi everyone, I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock!Today I wanted to play Deep Purple’s famous guitar solo “Smoke on the water” with one of my kemper amp sounds from the kemper package dedicated to this historic band! I leave you the link to buy the kemper package to have this […]

EUROPE kemper pack

EUROPE kemper pack “in the style of” Terms and condition     Watch Video demo: Liveplayrock proudly presents: EUROPE kemper pack All guitar tones you need….are here! Awesome rock style kemper rigs! EUROPE “in the style of” Europe has released eleven studio albums, three live albums, three compilations and twenty-four music videos. Europe rose to international […]

Deep Purple kemper pack

Tax included More payment options Terms and condition Watch the demo video to get an idea of ​​what you can get! Deep Purple KEMPER PACK “sounds like” LIVE PLAY ROCK proudly presents: Deep Purple “sounds like” kemper pack! KEMPER PACK “DEEP PURPLE sounds like” Artist pack dedicated to Deep Purple (Richie Blackmore)40 kemper rigs ready […]

Marshall Plexi “sounds like” KEMPER PACK

Download now Marshall Plexi “sounds like” KEMPER PACK (included video rig) Tax included More payment options Terms and condition     Watch now Video-demo Marshall Plexi “sounds like” KEMPER PACK LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “Marshall Plexi “sounds like” KEMPER PACK “Marshall Plexi” “sounds like” KEMPER PACK 13 kemper rig from profiling Marshall Plexi 1959 amp. […]

Acdc – Angus Young KEMPER PACK

Acdc – Angus Young sounds like KEMPER PACK Artist pack dedicated to Angus Young from ACDC!40 Marshall kemper rigs ready to Rock! Watch the video!! Info kemper rigs: 32 rigs about Angus Young’s guitar tone (ACDC) 8 new rigs about Marshall Plexi amp tones Profiles were created, tested and played with Musicman Axis (Humb pickups) and Fender stratocaster with humb You can buy […]