Friedman BE100 Deluxe KEMPER

download now Friedman BE100 Deluxe Kemper amp profiling packLiveplayrock Terms and conditions    More payment options  video demo Friedman BE100 Deluxe | Kemper amp profiling pack INFO POINT: Tot 21 Kemper rigs + 3 IRs 4 Friedman Be100 Deluxe + Friedman BLK cab 212
 (with IR speaker V30)Perfect combo! 4 Friedman Be100 Deluxe + Mesa cab […]

Pop Rock pack HELIX HX STOMP

Debit or Credit card – PayPal Download now “Pop Rock Guitar presets pack” Pack compatible with: HELIX HELIX LT HX STOMP HELIX NATIVE Terms and conditions     More payment options  video demo “Pop Rock” Guitar presets pack 2021HELIX – HX STOMP Many have asked for a pack dedicated to Helix and HXStomp by Liveplayrock.com This is […]

Morgan AC40 kemper pack

Morgan AC40 Deluxe amp KEMPER PACK DOWNLOAD NOW Tax included More payment options Terms and condition     Watch now Video demo! Liveplayrock is proud to present a special “AMP TONES”! Morgan AC40 Deluxe amp kemper pack 21 kemper rigs ready to drive you crazy! Just plug and play guitar tones! Liveplayrock has selected the best amp […]