Shred me now

“Shred me now” free kemper rig If you got here it means that you are:1) a guitarist2) a shred guitarist3) a shred guitarist who has the kemper! Below you will find the kemper rig of the video “SHRED ME NOW” to download for free! Hi, I’m Thomas, and you are welcome on LIVEPLAYROCK! If you […]

All Marshall amps Bundle

Download now More payment options Terms and condition     Watch Video demo: All Marshall amps in one pack: get your best tone! Liveplayrock proudly presents: 120 Marshall kemper rigs (12 amps) All Guitar tones you need….Are here! 12 Marshall amps in one kemper pack! All studio profiles in the package are unique and completely re-profiled […]

U2 THE EDGE Kemper Pack

U2 THE EDGE Kemper Pack Download down here

Pink Floyd – David Gilmour KEMPER PACK

Download NOW use promo code “AEIOU15” at checkout!: David Gilmour and his Hiwatt DR 103 amp – kemper pack More payment options Terms and condition     Watch a Video demo: in the style of David Gilmour KEMPER PACK Artist pack dedicated to David Gilmour and his Hiwatt DR 103 amp!72 kemper rigs “The basic guitar tones” (update July 2020) A perfect Hiwatt Dr […]