U2 THE EDGE Kemper Pack

U2 THE EDGE Kemper Pack LIVEPLAYROCK proudly presents: “U2 THE EDGE” Kemper Pack in style of Take a look at the video and see right away what we’re talking about!  KEMPER PACK Artist pack dedicated to “U2 THE EDGE” guitarist: 56 kemper rigs ready to Rock! 20 kemper rigs signature THE EDGE U2 36 kemper […]

Best kemper pack artist

Best kemper pack artist Hi, I’m Thomas, founder of the Liveplayrock site! I am writing this article to celebrate with you all a great little milestone: 10 kemper packages dedicated to artists and bands! Working constantly, trying to maintain the best possible quality is always the center of attention! That’s how all my works on […]

Iron Maiden Kemper pack

Iron Maiden Kemper pack LivePlayRock proudly present: watch the video demo! Inside the package you will find the rigs of the amps used over the years by the Iron Maiden: Marshall JMP-1, Gk250ML and Marshall DSL 2000, to always have a credible sound for both studio and live versions! 20 kemper rigs: “Iron Maiden” style […]

Free kemper rigs “Welcome pack”

Free kemper rigs “Welcome pack” Liveplayrock.com is proud to share with all “kemper-lovers” some of his guitar tones. In the last 3 years we have profiled only the best guitar amps but not only. In addition to the amplifiers, we have also created kemper signature packages of international artists and bands that have marked the […]


Van Halen KEMPER PACK LIVE PLAY ROCK proudly presents: Inside the kemper amp package you will find: 10 RIGS of the historic guitar tones “EVH1” Panama riff style “EVH2”Hot for the teacher style “EVH3” Eruption guitar solo style “EVH4” You really got me style “EVH5” Ain’t talking about love styleAnd much more kemper rigs . […]

life as a musician: the day of the live

Life as a musician: the day of the live Making live music is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences a musician can do, but there are so many passages that people don’t know! In support there is also a video (with English subtitles to be activated) and is about 11 minutes, the final […]