Mesa Boogie JP2C kemper pack

FLASH PROMO – SPECIAL PRICE Mesa Boogie JP2C kemper pack 36 new kemper rig from Mesa Boogie JP2C amp More payment options Terms and condition     watch video demo now! Info point 36 new kemper rig from Mesa Boogie JP2C amp: 10 lead tones (BG SL) 10 clean tones (BG CL) 15 distortion tones (BG […]

Line frequency – kemper amp tutorial

“Line frequency” …but what is it for? KEMPER Tutorial Hi, I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock …. do you know what the Line frequency parameter on the kemper is for? … I want to introduce it to you! But first of all SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, thanks for your support! video (activate Youtube subtitles in English) […]

clean and distortion sense kemper

Input: clean & distortion sense kemper amp Hi, I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock and today let’s learn how to adjust the “sense” section of the kemper!…and above all understand what the hell these parameters are! But first of all SUBSCRIBE now to my YouTube channel! video: Input, clean and distortion sense! The INPUT section is very […]


download now: Bruno Mars kemper amp pack (in the style of) More payment options  Terms and condition    video demo here!  take a look! BRUNO MARS kemper amp pack in the style of a great artist! Info point: Tot: 31 kemper rigs 11 signature songs: 24k Grenade Just the way you are Locked out of […]

Diezel vh4 kemper amp

Download now More payment options Terms and condition     Watch video demo Rock-Metal tones – Diezel VH4 kemper pack Info point: Tot: 24 kemper rigs cleans – cleans with effects – distortions – solos Inside you will find infos about every rig (PDF and inside RM) One of the meanest rock and metal amp-heads on the […]

kemper tutorial

Quick videos and smart articles to learn how to play better with the kemper! Video in ITA (article and video-sub in ENG) All kemper amps you need…are here!