U2 THE EDGE Kemper Pack

U2 THE EDGE Kemper Pack LIVEPLAYROCK proudly presents: “U2 THE EDGE” Kemper Pack in style of Take a look at the video and see right away what we’re talking about!  KEMPER PACK Artist pack dedicated to “U2 THE EDGE” guitarist: 56 kemper rigs ready to Rock! 20 kemper rigs signature THE EDGE U2 36 kemper […]

“ALL IN ONE” awesome kemper rig

“ALL IN ONE” is an awesome free kemper rig that you can download now! After the great successes of the kemper packages dedicated to Queen, Acdc, Pink Floyd and Van Halen, now a tribute to all Kemperists! Welcome back to liveplayrock.com . This is the rig that you can download, it’s called “ALL IN ONE”, […]