Link and profile your amp with Kemper

Link and profile your amp with Kemper amp profiler Hi, I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock! I am very keen to lend a hand to those who enter the world of kemper … if you have arrived here you deserve a promo code to be used within 24 hours to thank you for following me! Use “ADVTIPS” […]

Top 5 kemper pack of 2020

Liveplayrock has selected the best kemper artist packs of 2020 according to the guitarists of the Liveplayrock family! Discover the ranking: watch the video! N.5 – Van Halen kemper pack Link download: click here N.4 – Andy Timmons kemper pack Link download: click here N.3 – Brian May Queen kemper pack Link download: click here […]

Rock Metal kemper amps pack

Download now! Rock Metal kemper amps pack100 Guitar tones + backing trackShow me your power! Special price for next: Terms and condition     Don’t have PayPal? Do you want to pay in another way?contact me immediately on: assistance.liveplayrock@gmail.com video demo (Guitar tones + backing track in download) Rock Metal kemper amps pack 100 kemper rigs […]

Kemper Christmas pack

🎅AMAZING PRICE – download now 100 guitar tones, 10 kemper pack in one! Terms and condition     video: I wish you a Merry Christmas friend, from Liveplayrock! 10 kemper amps pack in one!100 kemper rigs are ready to use! INFO POINT: Hughes & Kettner Triamp 10 rigs Bogner Shiva 10 rigs Friedman BE100 10 rigs Mesa […]

The Offspring Kemper pack

Download now The Offspring KEMPER PACK sounds like! Terms and condition     video demo here: The Offspring KEMPER PACK  One of the bands that have left their mark on music!From punk to rock! INFO POINT: tot: 31 kemper rigs inside Signature songs: The kids aren’t alright Pretty fly for a white guy Original Prankster Americana Smash […]

clean and distortion sense kemper

Input: clean & distortion sense kemper amp Hi, I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock and today let’s learn how to adjust the “sense” section of the kemper!…and above all understand what the hell these parameters are! But first of all SUBSCRIBE now to my YouTube channel! video: Input, clean and distortion sense! The INPUT section is very […]