Guitar Licks Fabrizio Leo

Fabrizio Leo Lick from “Licksology 2” “LICKSOLOGY 2” is the second didactic video by Fabrizio Leo in collaboration with Liveplayrock.com Do you want to have Fabrizio Leo’s sound with your kemper? Download now a lot of sounds profiled and created directly by Bicio!:

DOKKEN kemper pack

DOKKEN kemper pack Download now Tax included More payment options Terms and condition     Video demo Liveplayrock is proud to release DOKKEN kemper pack George Lynch found fame in the 1980s as the lead guitarist in the band Dokken (of which he had been a member since 1980). Dokken had a string of successful platinum albums such as Under Lock […]


Download now! More payment options Terms and condition     Watch some cool videos about it! Virtuoso BUNDLE KEMPER PACK “sounds like” Liveplayrock proudly presents: THE NEW VIRTUOSO BUNDLE VIRTUOSO BUNDLE PACK 228 kemper rigs signature songs of the historic virtuoso guitar tones Joe Satriani 34 rigs Steve Vai 20 rigs Y.J. Malmsteen 40 rigs Jason Becker […]


Download now More payment options Terms and condition KEMPER PACK “VASCO ROSSI sounds like” Artist pack dedicated to Vasco Rossi62 kemper rigs ready to Rock!BEST PRICE ONLINE Watch the demo video to get an idea of ​​what you can get! Guitarist in video: Massimo Nuti (THANK YOU) Vasco Rossi KEMPER PACK “guitar sounds like” LIVE […]


Download now EVH 5150 amp “sounds like” KEMPER PACK 30 kemper rig from profiling EVH 5150 v3 amp.BEST ROCK AMP PROFILING EVER That sounds accompanied rocker live and studio. Tax included More payment options Terms and condition     Tot. 30 kemper rigs: 10 rigs clean 10 rigs rock rhythm 10 rigs rock (for riff or […]

Free kemper rigs every 10 comments

Free kemper rigs every 10 comments Everyone’s dream is to always have excellent profiles ready to use based on the genre of music … We guitarists are always versatile … Over the years we have gone from rock sounds to blues sounds passing through harsher or more elaborate sounds … our way of experiencing music […]