Under the bridge kemper rig

“Under the bridge” Kemper amp rig tones A song that every guitarist must know and play…and we want to give you for free this “updated” sound with IR taken from one of our packs! An arpeggio that has marked a generation (indeed, generations) of guitarists! An apparently simple sounding arpeggio but rich in detail. A […]

80s Rock and Aor HELIX HX STOMP

download: 80s Rock and Aor | Special pack Pack compatible with: HELIX HELIX LT HX STOMP HX STOMP XL HELIX NATIVE Terms and conditions More payment options video demo 80s Rock and Aor pack Pack compatible with: HELIX HELIX LT HX STOMP HX STOMP XL HELIX NATIVE Info point: Tot. 15 Guitar presets + 3 […]

Marco Sfogli kemper pack

Download now – promo price: Marco Sfogli kemper pack More payment options Terms and condition     Video demo Marco Sfogli kemper pack Info kemper pack “Marco Sfogli” Liveplayrock proudly presents the kemper package created by Marco sfogli. Inside you will find 20 Marco Sfogli’s kemper rigs used to play his greatest hits from the solo […]

Licksology 3 Bicio Leo

Download:  “Licksology III” by Fabrizio LeoThird exclusive video lessonLiveplayrockDigital Production 2021 Terms and condition     video “Licksology III” by Fabrizio Bicio Leo | Liveplayrock Digital Production 2021 Third exclusive video lesson by the well-known Italian guitarist Fabrizio Bicio Leo. Inside “Licksology III” you will find: 20 amazing guitar licksReal mini songs (written on purpose to […]

Guns N Roses Slash kemper pack

SLASH – Guns N’ Roses kemper pack Download now Tax included More payment options Terms and condition     Video demo: Liveplayrock is proud to present a special signature kemper pack: SLASH and Guns N’ Roses kemper pack “in the style of” Inside the kemper pack you will find: Tot: 78 kemper rigs 24 signature rigs […]

ROCKMAN X100 Kemper Pack

Download now ROCKMAN X100 | Kemper amp profiling Original amp Rockman X100 from 1984 Terms and condition More payment options Take a look at the video and see right away what we’re talking about!  It contains subtitles in English. ROCKMAN X100 PACK RARE VINTAGE KEMPER PACK 20 kemper rigs. Amp: Rockman X100.Tones: from 80’s rock to pop, […]