clean and distortion sense kemper

Input: clean & distortion sense kemper amp Hi, I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock and today let’s learn how to adjust the “sense” section of the kemper!…and above all understand what the hell these parameters are! But first of all SUBSCRIBE now to my YouTube channel! video: Input, clean and distortion sense! The INPUT section is very […]

kemper tutorial

Quick videos and smart articles to learn how to play better with the kemper! Video in ITA (article and video-sub in ENG) All kemper amps you need…are here!

Rig X Fade Time Kemper amp

KEMPER tutorial: “Rig X Fade Time” A recording studio effect directly on the kemper…! Did you know that? Hi, I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock …. do you know what the RIG X FADE TIME function is? … I want to introduce it to you! Subscribe to my YouTube channel! video with SUB in ENG With the […]