Carvin Legacy Vai KEMPER PACK

Download now More payment options Terms and condition     Video demo Carvin Legacy Vai 3 profiling + 2 IRs KEMPER AMP PACK Carvin® Legacy Vai III – kemper amp profiling pack + 2 IRs INFO POINT: Tot. 28 kemper rigs from kemper profiling Carvin® Legacy Vai 3 amp, 2 IRs (impulse responsive) Celestion™ Vintage 30 […]

Bicio Leo Kemper tones 2

Bicio Leo “Kemper tones 2” KEMPER PACK Bicio Leo “Kemper Tones 2” KEMPER PACK 60 kemper rigs: ready-to-use (as in the video) The complete rigs sounds that Bicio Leo used in in studio and live gigs. Made by Bicio Leo Bicio kemper packages are excluded from discounts Tax included More payment options Terms and condition  […]

Bicio Leo kemper pack

Bicio Leo “in the mix vol.1” KEMPER PACK LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “Bicio Leo “in the mix vol.1″ KEMPER PACK ” Bicio Leo’s kemper rigs made by Bicio Leo + 3 original Bicio’s backing tracks! Perfect sounds ready to use! Inside the kemper package you will find 10 kemper rigs: “E penso a te” […]

“ALL IN ONE” awesome kemper rig

“ALL IN ONE” is an awesome free kemper rig that you can download now! After the great successes of the kemper packages dedicated to Queen, Acdc, Pink Floyd and Van Halen, now a tribute to all Kemperists! Welcome back to liveplayrock.com . This is the rig that you can download, it’s called “ALL IN ONE”, […]

Free guitar material

Free guitar material LICKS LICK 1 Free download – Liveplayrock Basic CHORDS and SCALES A free digital educational material series to study the guitar from the beginning…to the Top! Material to learn through graphs the chords on the guitar and the first scales in an easy and intuitive way! With this teaching material you can: […]

Queen – Brian May KEMPER PACK

Debit or credit card – PayPal Download now! Artist pack dedicated to Brian May (Queen).  More payment options Terms and condition     Videos demo Queen – Brian May KEMPER PACK 90 kemper rigs Upgrade 2020: Artist pack dedicated to Brian May (Queen).  If you are looking for the sound that has made the history of Rock music, this is […]