McRoClean free rig

“McRoClean” free kemper rig If you got here it means that you are:1) a guitarist2) a modern shred guitarist3) a shred guitarist who has the kemper! Below you will find the kemper rig of the video “McRoClean” to download for free! McRocklin-inspired kemper rig, based on some clean sounds from the Instagram profile of the […]

AXE FX III Echoes Park pack

“The Echoes Park” pack by Edo ScordoFRACTAL AXE FX III presets Tax included More payment options Terms and condition     Video demo: “The Echoes Park” AXE FX III pack Liveplayrock proudly presents “The Echoes Park” AXE FX III Pack by Edoardo Scordo Inspired by the sounds of the 80’s and 90’s (YES, GENESIS and PINK […]

smoke on the water solo

Smoke on the water solo kemper rig Hi everyone, I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock!Today I wanted to play Deep Purple’s famous guitar solo “Smoke on the water” with one of my kemper amp sounds from the kemper package dedicated to this historic band! I leave you the link to buy the kemper package to have this […]

Bogner Ecstacy 101b “sounds like” KEMPER PACK

Download now Tax included More payment options Terms and condition     Bogner Ecstacy 101b sounds like” KEMPER PACK 17 kemper rig from profiling Bogner Ecstacy 101b amp.That sounds accompanied guitarist live and studio like Steve Lukather from Toto and many others!. Watch now Video-demo Bogner Ecstacy 101b “sounds like” KEMPER PACK LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to […]

SPARK AMP kemper pack

SPARK AMP kemper pack profile Positive Grid’s Spark amp is one of the brightest and best performing modern digital amplifiers on the world market for guitarists! The most particular kemper pack of 2020 is here! Spark amp is an amplifier that has a lot of guitar sounds inside (and more) and allows everyone to express […]

Steve Lukather FREE RIG

Tax included Terms and condition     More payment options Watch now video demo! Steve Lukather sounds like KEMPER PACK LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “in the style of” Steve Lukather (special Bogner Ecstasy 101b) New release 2020! All you need…is here! STEVE LUKATHER sounds like KEMPER PACK NEW UPDATED kemper pack: 40 kemper rigs from […]