Vasco Rossi Helix HX Stomp Line 6

Download now: Vasco Rossi | “in the style of”  | HxStomp – Helix packPresets ispirati ai migliori suoni dei chitarristi di Vasco (live e studio) Pack compatibile con: HELIX HELIX LT HX STOMP HX STOMP XL HELIX NATIVE Terms and conditions More payment options video demo Vasco Rossi | “in the style of”  |Presets ispirati […]


G3 VAI SATRIANI MALMSTEEN Kemper Pack Debit or Credit card – PayPal  Download now Incredible Offer! 82 kemper rigs instead of 66 rigs (we have uploaded 16 new awesome tones) Promo code now to get 25% off: Use “G3PROMO” at the checkout Terms and condition     Video demo “G3 – VAI SATRIANI MALMTEEN” Kemper Pack […]

outlet kemper pack

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“ALL IN ONE” awesome kemper rig

“ALL IN ONE” is an awesome free kemper rig that you can download now! After the great successes of the kemper packages dedicated to Queen, Acdc, Pink Floyd and Van Halen, now a tribute to all Kemperists! Welcome back to liveplayrock.com . This is the rig that you can download, it’s called “ALL IN ONE”, […]


Van Halen KEMPER PACK “sounds like” Terms and condition Download special promo price Watch the demo video to get an idea of ​​what you can get! Liveplayrock is proud to present a special signature kemper pack: New VAN HALEN 2020 kemper pack “sounds like” Today I tried to get more close to the sound of […]

Queen – Brian May KEMPER PACK

Debit or credit card – PayPal Download now! Artist pack dedicated to Brian May (Queen).  More payment options Terms and condition     Videos demo Queen – Brian May KEMPER PACK 90 kemper rigs Upgrade 2020: Artist pack dedicated to Brian May (Queen).  If you are looking for the sound that has made the history of Rock music, this is […]