Chuck Berry KEMPER

download Chuck Berry KEMPER AMP PACK“in the style of”50s 60s rock and roll special tones pack Terms and conditions    More payment options  video demo 50s 60s rock and roll special tones pack Chuck Berry KEMPER AMP PACK “in the style of” Info point: Tot. 11 Kemper amp rigs Signature songs “in the style of”: Johnny […]

ROCKMAN X100 Kemper Pack

Download now ROCKMAN X100 | Kemper amp profiling Original amp Rockman X100 from 1984 Terms and condition More payment options Take a look at the video and see right away what we’re talking about!  It contains subtitles in English. ROCKMAN X100 PACK RARE VINTAGE KEMPER PACK 20 kemper rigs. Amp: Rockman X100.Tones: from 80’s rock to pop, […]

Andy Timmons Gear

Quando dobbiamo mettere d’accordo tecnica ed emozione, il chitarrista più adatto è Andy Timmons! “Influencer” per molti chitarristi moderni, Andy Timmons è riuscito a fare del suo stile, del suo tocco e del suo suono un vero e proprio marchio di fabbrica! Ciao sono Thomas di Liveplayrock, bentrovato sul mio sito, buona continuazione e buona […]

Van Halen died aged 65

Goodbye Guitar Hero! Eddie Van Halen, the famous guitarist who founded the rock band Van Halen, died today at the age of 65. The son said this on social networks. He had been suffering from throat cancer for a decade, and in recent days his situation had worsened a lot. Il Post Heavy smoker, despite […]

“Days of quarantine” – Mr.T music production

“Days of quarantine” – Free TAB Backing and Rig Hi, I’m Thomas, today I want to present you one of a series of my unpublished works.I think it is important to be able to give voice to emotions through music!In the long moments of quarantine due to Covid–19 many things have changed in my life, […]

20 Killer Licks guitar

Buy now: Watch video demo online: 20 Killer Licks Guitar by Massimo NutiRock guitar licks ready to play Original Ph. Letizia Mugri (thank you) 20 KILLER LICKS If you love rock these are the musical phrasings for you!Massimo Nuti in collaboration with LIVEPLAYROCK presents his first digital video course: 20 killer licks! 20 video fast20 […]