BLACKSTAR HT-1 AMP KEMPER PACK It will become your next favorite sound! Tax included More payment options Terms and condition     This is my video demo about this amp! All sounds you’re going to listen in the videos below….it’s a Blackstar HT-1 amp! It sounds really awesome! Many guitarists loved this lead sound from the […]


GUESS THE AMP AND DOWNLOAD Liveplayrock is always working to improve, profile and get the best sounds on the market as far as the kemper profiling world is concerned (amplifiers but especially signature artists and bands). At the bottom of the page I reveal the amplifier used, follow the whole article! Today Liveplayrock will test […]

Dodi Battaglia Pooh sounds like KEMPER PACK

Debit or Credit card – PayPal  Download now Watch the video-demo: More payment options Terms and condition KEMPER PACK “Pooh Dodi Battaglia sounds like” Artist pack dedicated to Dodi Battaglia Pooh.16 kemper rigs ready to Pop-Rock! “Dodi Battaglia Pooh sounds like” KEMPER PACK LIVE PLAY ROCK proudly presents: Inside the kemper package you will find […]