Judas Priest kemper pack

Judas Priest kemper pack Liveplayrock is proud to present a special kemper pack: Judas Priest kemper pack “sounds like” The sounds that accompanied Judas Priest’s guitarists on tour and in studio sessions. Judas Priest kemper pack 30 kemper rigs ready to rock! Just plug and play it loud!!! Inside the package you will find sounds […]

ENGL Powerball 2 kemper pack

ENGL Powerball 2 “sounds like” KEMPER PACK LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “ENGL“sounds like” KEMPER PACK All kemper rigs ready to use – just download and enjoy it “ENGL Powerball 2” “sounds like” KEMPER PACK 16 best kemper rig from profiling ENGL Powerball 2 amp. That amp accompanied rockstars live and studio. Download now Tax […]