Phil X FRIEDMAN kemper pack Liveplayrock proudly presents: 34 Friedman Phil X amp signature All Phil X tones you need….are here! Awesome rock style kemper rigs! THE “X” FACTOR All the power, dynamics and high-level performances with the Friedman amplifier. Inside the power kemper pack, you will find: Tot: 34 kemper rigs FRIEDMAN PHIL X […]

Bon Jovi Sambora KEMPER PACK

Bon Jovi Sambora “in the mix” KEMPER PACK LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “Bon Jovi Sambora“in the mix” KEMPER PACK “ “IN THE MIX” is the new series marked Liveplayrock that faithfully reproduces the specific sounds of the songs indicated. Perfect sounds ready to use! Bon Jovi Sambora “in the mix” KEMPER PACK 34 kemper […]

4 Rocks kemper rigs

4 Rocks kemper rigs LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “MSL 4 Rocks”: 4 sounds of guitarists who have made rock history and which have marked my personal growth! MSL 4 Rocks KEMPER PACK 4 kemper rigs inspired by the best rock guitarists as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Y.J Malmsteen and Richie Sambora! Download now – […]