GK250ML Kemper pack

download now GK250ML KEMPER PACK original amplifier directly from 1985 Take a look at the video and see right away what we’re talking about! It contains subtitles in English. More payment options Terms and condition RARE VINTAGE KEMPER PACK 20 kemper rigs. Amp: Gallien Krueger GK250ML.Guitar tones from IRON MAIDEN – MOTLEY CRUE – RUSH – VAH HALEN […]

ENGL Powerball 2 kemper pack

Download now ENGL Powerball 2 KEMPER PACK 16 best kemper rig from profiling ENGL Powerball 2 amp. More payment options Terms and condition     Watch now Video-demo “ENGL Powerball 2” KEMPER PACK PROFILES Info kemper amp pack: Tot: 16 kemper amp profiling Engl Powerball 2 4 clean tones – 3 clean crunch tones – 2 crunch […]

Pop Rock pack HELIX HX STOMP

Debit or Credit card – PayPal Download now “Pop Rock Guitar presets pack” Pack compatible with: HELIX HELIX LT HX STOMP HELIX NATIVE Terms and conditions     More payment options  video demo “Pop Rock” Guitar presets pack 2021HELIX – HX STOMP Many have asked for a pack dedicated to Helix and HXStomp by Liveplayrock.com This is […]

Rock Lead Tones on Kemper

How to Get GREAT Rock Lead Tones…on the Kemper! LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “How to Get GREAT Rock Lead Tones…on the Kemper! And Download the free kemper rig from video demo! How to Get GREAT Rock Lead Tones…on the Kemper! This sound is an inviting preview of the kemper package dedicated to the ENGL […]