Rock Metal kemper amps pack

Download now! Rock Metal kemper amps pack100 Guitar tones + backing trackShow me your power! Special price for next: Terms and condition     Don’t have PayPal? Do you want to pay in another way?contact me immediately on: assistance.liveplayrock@gmail.com video demo (Guitar tones + backing track in download) Rock Metal kemper amps pack 100 kemper rigs […]

Detune kemper rig Liveplayrock

Free kemper rig: “DETUNE” by Liveplayrock 2020 Hi, I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock …. finally the effect I love has a name: DETUNE … and I want to introduce it to you! ….But first of all SUBSCRIBE NOW to my YouTube channel !! video DETUNE was used a lot in the 80s rock music (still today) […]

Hardcore Superstar KEMPER PACK

Tax included More payment options Terms and condition Watch the demo video to get an idea of ​​what you can get! Hardcore Superstar KEMPER PACK “sounds like” LIVE PLAY ROCK proudly presents: Hardcore Superstar “sounds like” kemper pack! KEMPER PACK “Hardcore Superstar” sounds like” Artist pack dedicated to Hardcore Superstar and Modern Hard Rock tones21 […]