Licksology 3 Bicio Leo

Download:  “Licksology III” by Fabrizio LeoThird exclusive video lessonLiveplayrockDigital Production 2021 Terms and condition     video “Licksology III” by Fabrizio Bicio Leo | Liveplayrock Digital Production 2021 Third exclusive video lesson by the well-known Italian guitarist Fabrizio Bicio Leo. Inside “Licksology III” you will find: 20 amazing guitar licksReal mini songs (written on purpose to […]

Van Halen Helix Hx stomp

Van Halen “in the style of” | Guitar presets 2021 | Line 6 Pack compatible with: HELIX HELIX LT HX STOMP HX STOMP XL HELIX NATIVE Terms and conditions More payment options  video demo INFO POINT: Tot. 9 guitar presets + 2 IRs VH Eruption guitar preset like “Eruption” or solo tone, VH hot teacher guitar […]

Acdc – Angus Young KEMPER PACK

Debit or Credit card – PayPal Download now Angus Young ACDC Kemper amp pack!“in the style of”51 Marshall kemper rigs ready to Rock! More payment options Terms and condition     Acdc – Angus Young in the style of KEMPER PACK Watch the video!! Info kemper rigs: Tot 51 kemper rigs 11 new profiling tones 2021 + […]

DSL Jcm2000 kemper

Debit or Credit card – PayPal Download now  DSL Jcm200 kemper amp pack New profiling 2021 Terms and conditions     More payment options  video demo DSL Jcm200 kemper amp pack kemper amp pack about Jcm2000 DSL Marshall profiling 100w Tot: 27 kemper rigs 21 Kemper rigs DSL + cab Marshall 1960A 3 Kemper rigs DSL + […]

“Days of quarantine” – Mr.T music production

“Days of quarantine” – Free TAB Backing and Rig Hi, I’m Thomas, today I want to present you one of a series of my unpublished works.I think it is important to be able to give voice to emotions through music!In the long moments of quarantine due to Covid–19 many things have changed in my life, […]

life as a musician: my first guitar

life as a musician: my first guitar More than 600 live together with the first guitar my parents gave me at the age of 10. This is the story of my first guitar! If you like tell me also your story in the comments! We We are all fond of a guitar (or musical instrument) […]