Rock Metal kemper amps pack

Download now! Rock Metal kemper amps pack100 Guitar tones + backing trackShow me your power! Special price for next: Terms and condition     Don’t have PayPal? Do you want to pay in another way?contact me immediately on: assistance.liveplayrock@gmail.com video demo (Guitar tones + backing track in download) Rock Metal kemper amps pack 100 kemper rigs […]

Kemper Christmas pack

🎅AMAZING PRICE – download now 100 guitar tones, 10 kemper pack in one! Terms and condition     video: I wish you a Merry Christmas friend, from Liveplayrock! 10 kemper amps pack in one!100 kemper rigs are ready to use! INFO POINT: Hughes & Kettner Triamp 10 rigs Bogner Shiva 10 rigs Friedman BE100 10 rigs Mesa […]

clean and distortion sense kemper

Input: clean & distortion sense kemper amp Hi, I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock and today let’s learn how to adjust the “sense” section of the kemper!…and above all understand what the hell these parameters are! But first of all SUBSCRIBE now to my YouTube channel! video: Input, clean and distortion sense! The INPUT section is very […]

Marshall amps kemper bundle

download now “All Marshall amps profiling” Terms and condition     videos from the bundle pack ALL MARSHALL AMPS KEMPER PACK it’s time to get yourself a gift! A fantastic and unique collection of 12 Marshall amps.Thanks to kemper profiling it is possible to comfortably have in your own studio all the heads that every guitarist […]

Orange amps kemper pack

download now: Orange amps bundle kemper pack profiling Terms and condition     video demo Hei Thomas here, welcome to Liveplayrock! Today I want to introduce you to kemper profiling made for an exceptional amplifier brand: ORANGE AMP! Info point: Tot. 33 kemper rigs Orange AD30 (5 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 Orange sm57 center) Rockerverb […]

4 legendary metal tones

KEMPER: 4 legendary metal tones 🔥LIVEPLAYROCK is pleased to announce the release of 4 kemper guitar tones! Hi, i’m Thomas from Liveplayrock! I chose the 4 bands that represent the beginning but also the guide for the life of the rock and metal guitarist! As everyone grew up with the great classics … the first […]