Licksology – Fabrizio Bicio Leo

Licksology – Fabrizio Bicio Leo Fabrizio Bicio Leo presents “Licksology” exclusively his first didactic video lesson for Liveplayrock. Video in Italian with English subtitles, 4k quality. Go to the Lessons shop The video course is divided into sections (folders). WARM UP AND STRETCHINGsection dedicated to finger warm-up exercises, very useful to start the video course in […]


Virtuoso BUNDLE KEMPER PACK “sounds like” VIRTUOSO BUNDLE: 157 kemper rigs Joe Satriani + Steve Vai + Y.J.Malmsteen + Paul Gilbert + Jason Becker + Nuno Bettencourt signature songs of the historic virtuoso guitar tones Joe Satriani 19 rigs Steve Vai 20 rigs Malmsteen 40 rigs Jason Becker 26 rigs Paul Gilbert (from Mr.Big) 20 rigs Nuno Bettencourt (from […]

Jason Becker KEMPER PACK

Jason Becker KEMPER PACK “sounds like” Download down here!