HeadRush controlled by MIDI CC – chart setting list

The HeadRush devices can be controlled by incoming MIDI CC (control change) messages sent by external MIDI gear. This external MIDI gear must be connected to the 5-pin MIDI Input.

The chart below lists the parameters that can be controlled by external MIDI hardware:


MIDI Settings: These settings determine how the HeadRush sends and receives MIDI information from and to external devices. These settings affect only the HeadRush’s MIDI input or MIDI output.

MIDI Thru: Tap On to use the MIDI output as a MIDI throughput; any MIDI information sent to the HeadRush’s MIDI input will be sent directly to the MIDI output. Tap Off to use the HeadRush’s MIDI output normally; the HeadRush Pedalboard will be able to send its own MIDI information out of the MIDI output.

Recv MIDI Clock: Tap On to enable the HeadRush to receive MIDI clock information. Tap Off to use the HeadRush’s own internal MIDI clock (which will not be sent out).

Prog Change: Tap Send to enable or disable the HeadRush’s transmission of MIDI program change messages when you press the upper-left (Rig ) or lower-left (Rig ) switch. Tap Recv to enable or disable the HeadRush’s reception of MIDI program change messages from an external MIDI device.

MIDI Channel: This setting determines the MIDI channel(s) that the HeadRush will send and receive MIDI messages. Tap this field, turn the encoder to select all channels (Omni), or 1–16, and then press the encoder.