Helix and Hx Stomp: common error and how to fix it!

Hi I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock !

Today I’m here to help you!
These are the 2 Common errors and how to fix them on your Line 6 devices: Helix and Hx Stomp (also for POD GO is the same).


1 Error type: “HX edit was unable to import this preset because it contained unrecognized models” 

Here’s how to quickly fix it – It’s one of the 2 most common error for Helix and Hx Stomp users.
When your HX editor reports this error, it means that you have not updated everything correctly! You must therefore make sure to update both your device (Helix Hx Stomp) and your editor (HX Editor)!
Always remember to update both. How? Just go to the official Line 6 website where you can download the latest updates available for your Helix Hx Stomp Line 6 device for free!


2 Error type: The IR(s) associated with the following blocks in this preset could not be found in the impulse library (IR can’t be found)

Here’s how to quickly fix it – If you are new in the Hlx world, it’s a simple step to do! IR must be imported and loaded into “Impulse” library (near the preset library).
As you import the preset you have to import IR too.
Once you have also imported the IR into its impulses library, you can associate the IR with the preset.
Video tutorial in Italian (sub Eng)