How to get amazing clean tone with HELIX HXSTOMP Line 6

How to get amazing clean tone with your HELIX HXSTOMP Line 6 

Hi I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock!
Today I’m going to show you how I create my Clean preset! (without the use of external impulses).
I created a clean guitar preset with 3 snapshots that allow me to have:
SNAP 1 a clean pop, SNAP 2 clean 80s and SNAP 3 a light crunch (a soft solo)


The free preset download is compatible with all Helix and HxStomp devices!
I have updated to the latest firmware version 3.15!
If you haven’t done it yet, always update your device to the latest release available on the official Line6 website!


Video demo:

Let’s see how I built this clean sound!
SNAP1: The Pop Clean
I used a Fender Deluxe as a base amp and from the settings the Drive is slightly above half but the sound remains clean!
In general for clean sounds, I personally like them even dirtier, but in this case I wanted to stay within the classic clean concept, more crystalline.
I used an Opto comp (new stomp) with a very balanced setting and a 100% mix! So every string and every note will be well leveled at the exit!

The distortion is off and the Fender amp has a medium SAG level (compression due to the power amp) and the parameter I enhanced was the RIPPLE, giving a series of sub-harmonics to the sound that overall I really like. ! It’s a little extra nuance.

Finally we have activated a fairly deep stereo delay (always connect your decvice in stereo L&R) and a deep Reverb! A Dynamic Hall (which is part of the latest Line6 Firmware release).
This reverb gives your sound great tail and depth! Perfect for arpeggio and chords. Stretch your sound a little bit!

For the SNAP 1 I thought of using it with the n2 position of the Fender pickups.


As you hear the tail of effects is deep. The delay is immediately noticeable with its ping pong and finally there remains the queue of the dynamic hall that works almost on the threshold of a shimmer (almost!).

Let’s now listen to SNAP 2 where we add a stereo chorus (stereo connection I recommend). Let’s hear how much the mood of the tone changes with a modulation effect!




How do you feel the mood of the preset changes! The call of the 80s is strong! I often grew up with albums from the 80s!
In this case the chorus is linked with a slightly more modern effect, creating this type of sound!



Finally we go to SNAP 3 where we have a completely different world of sound!
The compressor turns off and distortion is activated! The reverb remains active and an EQ is activated that digs the 750Hz frequencies and also the 6600 frequencies, digging the presence and raising the lows instead.
In fact, the amplifier, for a clean sound, has less pronounced lows, and I am going to pick them up from a post Eq!
Let’s hear this Light Crunch!




We are already in another sound mood. We added this distortion which works more as a basic little booster for the Fender Deluxe. With the adjustments made to the post EQ it allows to give more “fat” to the sound and greater depth to the solo sound (cut the mix). The sound gets dirty but remains defined. Great for lead guitar or even more articulate “Jimi” style rhythmic accompaniments.



You can download the preset with the 3 snaps from Liveplayrock.com by clicking on the link in the description!
For any questions or info, feel free to write in the comments!
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Remember that like all things related to sound construction, your interpretation is paramount! If you will make videos with this presets, tag me in your video, to understand your way of interpreting the sound, which is very subjective and beautiful thing about music!
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