INSTA Guitar:
12 ideas for acoustic guitar

INSTA Guitar:
12 ideas for acoustic guitar

Download a free Acoustic Guitar exercise from “Insta Guitar” Now !
Ex. 6 from video

Download now “Insta Guitar
12 ideas for Acoustic Guitar:

It contains:

  • 12 arpeggioes and ideas of acoustic guitar with a strong personality, always compelling melodic line and study of various techniques such as natural harmonics, chords voicing, finger-style, sliding and much more!
  • Tabs and musical score of each of the 12 musical ideas played.
  • Fast Video about 12 musical ideas played.

Designed to always be carried with you!

Perfect to be downloaded directly to your smartphone or tablet, a light and fast version designed especially for the mobile!

INSTA Guitar is great for studying on the go or for use with acoustic guitar students as educational cues.

If you have a kemper amp, come and hear the sounds “ready for use” that I created for you!

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