Iron Maiden Kemper pack

LivePlayRock proudly present:

Iron Maiden Kemper Pack

Artist pack dedicated to Iron Maiden
20 kemper rigs ready to Rock!

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Inside the package you will find the rigs of the amps used over the years by the Iron Maiden: Marshall JMP-1, Gk250ML and Marshall DSL 2000, to always have a credible sound for both studio and live versions!

20 kemper rigs:

  • Iron Maiden” style tone signature

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20 EXCLUSIVE kemper rigs


Amp profiling: GK250ML
Tones: Rock, 80’s, Pop.



20 kemper rigs “Iron Maiden” style tone signature: here are some songs from the albums

Album: “Iron Maiden” 1980
“Iron Maiden”
Album: “The Number of the beast” 1982
“The Number of the beast” – “Hallowed be thy name”
Album: “Piece of mind” 1983
“The trooper” – “Flight of Icarus”
Album: “Powerslave” 1984
“2 minutes to midnight”
Album: “Somewhere in time” 1986
“Stranger in a strange land” – “Wasted years” – “Alexander the great”
Album: “7th son of a 7th son” 1988
“Moonchild” – “Can i play with madness”
Album: “No prayer for the dying” 1990
“Holy smoke”
Album: “Fear of the dark” 1992
“Fear of the dark”

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