“Juice Jam” by LIVEPLAYROCK Join us

To unite all the brothers and sisters who use “kemper” in the world, LIVEPLAYROCK has decided to create the “Juice Jam“: the steps are simple and quick!
(lingua italiana: clicca qui)

Read the simple instructions below or watch the video if you like it better !!!

Now it’s up to you!!

Target? there are 2: the first is to unite all the Kemper guitarists in the world, the second is to make everyone feel that with a single sound many guitarists, with their personal touch, will make it unique!

Instructions to participate

1 – A Kemper rig and a backing track to download here

2 – inside you will also find a logo to be inserted at the beginning of the video to be part of the jam!

3 – Record your video using the kemper rig and the downloaded base!

4 – Publish the video wherever you want (Instagram TikTok Facebook Youtube etc …)

5 – Send the video link by April 24, 2020 to the email: assistance.liveplayrock@gmail.com or attach the link directly in the form below!

    Liveplayrock will put all the videos together into one mega video to create the “Juice Jam“!
    Join your artistic voice and join the LivePlayRock community


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