life as a musician: my first guitar

life as a musician: my first guitar

More than 600 live together with the first guitar my parents gave me at the age of 10. This is the story of my first guitar!

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We are all fond of a guitar (or musical instrument) in particular. In my case, my first guitar is the instrument to which I have been more attached over time, because thanks to that Fender I learned the first chords, the first notes, the first broken strings under my fingers, the first atomic volumes in the house and then in the rehearsal room, the first band, the first concerts, the first written songs and finally the first works as a professional.

The first years of guitar were very normal … I was the classic child who studied half an hour before entering in guitar lesson. I hated solfeggio, I didn’t know how to read the notes and the scores for home I memorized them visually from my teacher to avoid telling him that I didn’t know how to read music.


From 10 years up to about 17, I never thought of being a musician, even if the idea of ​​being a rock star would pass me at least once a day … who wouldn’t dream big, especially at that age? ! After the first essays with my Fender I went to the dark side of the first band, where the members are often historical friends and the songs to play the most absurd and disparate! The typical lineup was: light dawn, 18 and life, gianna, plastic love, smoke on the water, knocking on heavens door etc … Yes I know, there is no connection, but we had to link everyone’s musical tastes. I liked the SKid Row, the Guns, the drummer the 883, the canante Dolcenera and Elisa, the bassist the Irish folk and the other guitarist Dream Theater. I would say that not even with Tinder we will have found ourselves today considering everyone’s tastes!


However the band starts to grind evidence! We are all ecstatic and the lives are coming slowly. Some shows in various and disparate places for a pizza offer or for a pizza that we had to pay for ourselves, some local contests and lots of energy and experience to pack! We played in all situations at the beginning (and it was so nice in retrospect): from the live outdoor on December 23rd with 2 degrees and a down jacket that doesn’t let you see the guitar keyboard (not to mention frozen hands) up to get to the live in a basement of a Florentine restaurant that had miscalculated the spaces that evening! Playing in faraway places was a source of inspiration and made you feel important … Playing a few miles from home was a loser! You want to stay out all day, maybe sleep outside (of course in a certain total remittance!). This is the spirit that lived in me and in my first Fender guitar: the desire to play, to perform, to experience, to fully experience every single moment on stage!

If you are intrigued now, to learn more watch the attached video at the top of the page where I tell you more stories about my first guitar!