life as a musician: the day of the live

Life as a musician: the day of the live

Making live music is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences a musician can do, but there are so many passages that people don’t know!

In support there is also a video (with English subtitles to be activated) and is about 11 minutes, the final part (the last 6 minutes above all) I consider them very important to listen to).  
Let’s see the backstage of a live, how is the day organized?

Pack the equipment.

Once we have a date and a meeting time, the first thing to do on the day of the live is to prepare the equipment needed to face the evening! Guitars in cases, storing and rearranging jacks and power supplies in a well-organized box, preparing amplifiers and various pedals! If the date is further away, it is always recommended (where possible) to bring a briefcase with the bare minimum.

All this is better to do it an hour before leaving, so we are always ready to tackle small incidents in the race! I always recommend writing a list with the objects and tools to take with you, in order to clear with an x ​​all the things we have on appeal.

My list when I go out to play is: Kemper amp – suitcase pedals – jack and midi box – guitar 1 and 2 – suitcase with clothes and sheet music – music stand – cell – keys – wallet


Once the instrumentation has been loaded into the car, we usually arrive at between 5 and 6 pm. Once you arrive, it’s always a good idea to check the situation to understand where to place the instrumentation on stage the best. 30min max to mount and then, with the support of the service (in the figure of the engineer) we begin to level the volumes outside and on stage!

This moment is decisive for the success of the exhibition. Volumes on stage (or in-ear) badly made, means bad listening and therefore a worse performance! Always take care to put yourself in the best listening conditions! Move to the stage, take stress tests, try to anticipate any problems! Usually for 7 pm everything must be finished!


After checking the sounds and volumes, a briefing is done to understand if everything is working at its best and to have clear every step of the evening, then you can all go to dinner!

The relaxation phase begins, we eat, we fuck around, we drink and we compare ourselves for an hour and a half. Then a little drink together to make a group and finally the pre-live psychological preparation phase!


The most important moment for every musician! It doesn’t matter if you have eaten well or badly, if you are tired or rested, if they turn you or if you have a fever! The 2 hours of the live show are those exposed to the public, so LOAD A THOUSAND ALWAYS! There are no excuses of any kind! You have to give your best because all those hours of waiting and preparation are aimed precisely at the show! Sometimes I happened to play with awful headphone ratings, which means I didn’t hear the sound of my guitar, and the rest of the band felt distorted! In that case I used to go to memory. I knew the repertoire well (thankfully) and playing at heart I got to the end of the evening!

Post live

After the concert, it is the time for the maximum adrenaline phase, to be used to talk again with the people who have come to hear us play! Making PR is important for those who make music! Obviously it is also the moment of the drink to recharge!

Come back home

The most important moment and what I explain in detail in the video is the return! I advise you to watch it because I explain in detail also some experiences that I have experienced personally! Alcohol and sleep can be 2 bad companies! EYE!