Link and profile your amp with Kemper amp profiler

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ok, let’s get started!

More and more guitarists are entering the kemper world, for this reason I want to show you how to connect the instrumentation to face your first profiling!

Get 2 jacks and a and an 1 xlr cable!

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Turn on the video with English subtitles!

Links and connections

Connect your guitar to the front input of the kemper!
Now take the microphone you are going to use, place it in front of your amplifier and connect the xlr cable in the rear section of the kemper called return Input.
Finally insert the jack into the input of your amplifier and connect the other part to the direct output / send of the kemper (you can always find it behind your kemper).

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Profiler mood

Once this is done, switch to profiler mode!
Well, let’s start profiling!
Carefully choose the sound of the amplifier you want to capture in the kemper, position the microphone well and level the sounds through the RETURN LEVEL function. A / B comparison of the sound and volumes by clicking on the Kemper amp buttons and then on the Reference amp!
Once satisfied, press start!
Now you can tell the kemper if you are going to profile a clean sound or a distorted sound (crunches are also distorted sounds). If you have mic a cabinet, you can leave everything like this and press on STAR PROFILING, if instead you are profiling the sound of a preamp in Direct out / preamp mode, then you can press the NO CABINET button.

Now the profiling begins … IM RECOMMEND, DON’T PLAY WHILE PROFILE!

Once the profiling is finished, you should always do the REFINE, making the kemper hear as many nuances as possible of your sound!
When you are satisfied, finish the REFINE and make a further comparison between the profile and your amplifier!
If you are satisfied, SAVE, enter your data and here you have saved your FIRST PROFILING!

Thank you for your time

If you have any question, please write in youtube video comment section!

Take a lok here!

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