Marshall DSL “sounds like” KEMPER PACK

DSL Jcm200 | kemper amp | Liveplayrock guitar tones pack
Profiling a Marshall® Jcm 2000 DSL

video demo:



  • Tot: 51 kemper rigs
  • Amp profiling: Marshall® Jcm 2000 DSL
  • 8 kemper profiling channels:
  • ch A clean (no Deep)
  • ch A clean (Deep)
  • ch A crunch (no Deep)
  • ch A crunch (Deep)
  • ch B lead 1 (no Deep)
  • ch B lead 1 (Deep)
  • ch B lead 2 (no Deep)
  • ch B lead 2 (Deep)
  • Cab Laney® 212 GS212IE with custom speaker HH
  • 16 kemper rigs ready to play with efx (including sounds in the style of Gary Moore and Jimi)
  • + 21 Kemper rigs + cab Marshall 1960A
  • 3 Kemper rigs + cab Marshall 1960B
  • 3 Kemper rigs + cab Laney 212 GS212IE
  • Profiling with Les Paul and Stratocaster guitars
  • Mic SM57
  • Special Thanks a lot to Alessio Pierini and Massimo Nuti for the support and the wonderful amp!
  • Contains ready-to-use sounds (live or studio).
  • In addition to the simple profiling, the pack includes some rigs with effects already inside.
  • Info PDF presets and general infos inside the pack
  • Pack compatible with all Kemper amp devices: Kemper amp rack – head – stage
  • It is recommended to use the RM editor to import files (or via USB).
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!

Audio demo