Morgan AC40 kemper pack

Morgan AC40 Deluxe amp KEMPER PACK



Watch now Video demo!

Liveplayrock is proud to present a special “AMP TONES”!

Morgan AC40 Deluxe amp kemper pack

21 kemper rigs ready to drive you crazy!
Just plug and play guitar tones!

Liveplayrock has selected the best amp tones for you!

Inside the packages you will find:

  • Tot: 21 kemper rigs:
  • 5 Morgan head studio profile + Laney cabinet 2×12
  • 8 Morgan head studio profile + Palmer cabinet 1×12
  • 8 Morgan head studio profile + Marshall cabinet 4×12


As always, this applies as a general rule, indeed, as my advice, I remind you to use my sounds as the optimal starting point from which to start building your sound! As I always say;

Everyone has a different way of playing, instruments, speakers, ears … Everyone has to use these sounds and readjust them to their best setup! This applies in general … Not just for this package!

Liveplayrock – Thomas
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