Music Marketing Strategies for Musicians

Some people think that success depends on luck, the others know that it depends on hard work and opportunities. Most of them don’t realize that success depends on what strategies you use to promote your music and yourself.

No matter how much you think about how to promote your music, you secretly hope that one day you’ll be discovered by some celebrity and it will be your way to the top. It happens, sometimes.

Like it happened to Ed Sheeran who was busking on the streets of LA and trying to join all the open mics he could find. Then, one night he was discovered by Jamie Foxx.

Dream big, but also be armed with effective marketing strategies for your music promotion, just in case your Fairy Godmother won’t show up. Besides, if you don’t market your music, nobody will know it exists.

How to get started?

Music is your product. You are the creator, and your goal is to sell your product. First of all, you need to learn how to create a marketing plan.

In this article I will let you read some simple but fundamental steps to follow to the letter (and with art). They are not magic formulas, but a road to follow when the digital market becomes so important that all musicians have the obligation to be there to really exist!

Here are the first steps of doing it:

1-Analyze the market

In your case, it’s the music industry. Identify your “competitors” and what makes you different from them. Based on your musical genre, your presence, your characteristics that determine your identity card as a musician, fill in the list of your possible competitors.

Having competitors must not have a negative meaning! Rather! Having competitors means having a stimulus to improve, have a point of reference to follow, always have something to improve and reach!

Once the competition is understood, you can really start working on your unique strengths and points! This will be your unique sales proposal.

2-Define your audience

What are your potential fans? Depending on the musical genre, you must characterize your target audience. Try to describe the identikit of your model fan with adjectives, age groups and social groups.

This step is very important to better understand the language to use, the images to be published, the look to wear, and everything that can be used to identify and identify! Feeling part of “something” is a driving and stimulating element!

3-Establish your long-term and short-term goals

Write down your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve your goals: write down an action plan.  

Are you planning to release a new album by the end of this year? Do you want to emerge as a freelance musician online? Do you want to sell your music online? Do you want to become the best teacher on YouTube? Do you want to live as a musician through the website?

Many can be the goals, more or less large to achieve! What matters is having an action plan to follow step by step with perseverance, investment and dedication. This is why it is important to understand what you want to become (long-term goal) and how to achieve it step by step (short-term goals).

4-Determine your marketing strategies

Plan step by step what to do. They can be daily or weekly actions. But you must have a marketing plan that allows you to start, monitor, analyze and achieve everything you do and do!

Take your time, analyze what you can really do with the time available, surround yourself with professionals to shorten the time and always invest in your future!

No one more than yourself will be able to invest in their own strength!

5-Create a budget

After determining the marketing strategies, you need to calculate the budget. How much money are you willing to pay to promote your career?

The BUDGET is as important as every single step taken so far! it is intuitive to calculate in detail one thousand items if then you do not have real resources available to reach a potential audience on which to start working! There are many small steps to get to our audience without spending big amounts of money, but a minimum of investment (especially initial, but also maintenance) will be essential!

Now test yourself and REMEMBER: You can’t successfully promote your musical career without creating a winning marketing plan!

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