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Liveplayrock is proud to present Naoto, a distortion pedal with a Marshall flavor but with the personality of the ColomboAE

Testing guitar pedals is always fun, but when you also feel professionalism and great sound at the fun factor, everything becomes more beautiful and interesting!

Naoto needs no further introduction, it is a guitar pedal that simply goes on and on … the rest will be done by the music that will come out of its output!

Watch the Naoto demo video here

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Why do I like Naoto?

…Because made entirely Point-to-Point without the use of printed circuits …. Because Luca Colombo (the manufacturer of these jewels) will always put you at ease and follow you in everything …

In addition, you will have the maximum of customization: you can in fact customize the pedals with colors and graphics, each chassis can be customized as you like also in terms of the layout: position of the connectors, potentiometers, etc.

final personal impression:

I played it with the kemper, with a Fender Hot Rod and with a studio mini amp …. It sounds good everywhere at any setting! … Just plug n play!..
Personally I recommend it!

Quality and uniqueness of the products always at the center of attention for ColomboAE.

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