Online lessons: my setup

Online lessons: my setup

Good morning everyone, I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock.com and today I’ll explain the setup that I use to make lessons online.

With the arrival of the coronavirus we are almost all closed in the house, but the lessons can go on. Many guitarists have experienced (who for the first time, who has been doing them for years) online lessons.

Today I am here to tell you and explain my method for online lessons on skype (or other digital platforms).

I want to share it with all of you to give you further ideas or to inspire you or simply to make you participate!

In the video I present my studio with guitars, lamps for photo and video sets, workstation with kemper, dual Mac monitor and a reflex.
(contains English subtitles). Check out!
I’ll show you the link I use for online lessons.


From the audio point of view I use the kemper for the guitar, which enters stereo (L and R) in the mixer and a microphone (sm57) for my voice.

Having everything in the mixer, I can independently manage all my audio outputs. Besides, I have an external mini-jack that I can insert into my smartphone in order to make people on the other side of the screen hear music or external audio too!


From the video point of view I connected my Reflex Canon 1200D via USB to the Mac. With the Canon EOS Utility software I can remotely control my reflex and can have the highest video quality to share with those who are connected with me online. Just share the screen on Skype and in this way the other person will see a high resolution video!


Next to the reflex I have a studio lamp to illuminate the keyboard of my guitar and my face, in order to improve the visual experience of the lesson!


To listen I use 2 different systems. In-ear monitor Shure SE315 or the classic Sennheiser HD205 soundproof headphones. In-ears isolate you a lot from the outside and can stun you a little after hours of use. In the long run, classic headphones can annoy you on the outside of your ear!

So video at the top because I can connect the Reflex to the monitor, and audio at the top because I can use my kemper for the guitar and the external microphone for my voice.

I want to share it with you and make you participate in the situation !!

Good music everyone!

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