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Orange amps kemper pack

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Hei Thomas here, welcome to Liveplayrock! Today I want to introduce you to kemper profiling made for an exceptional amplifier brand: ORANGE AMP!

Info point – I profiled the

  • Orange AD30 (5 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 Orange sm57 center)
  • Rockerverb (9 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 Orange sm57 center)
  • TH30 (6 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 Orange sm57 center)
  • OR120 (6 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 Orange sm57 center)
  • Dark Terror (5 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 Orange sm57 center)
  • MicroCrush. (2 profiles – his small cabinet – sm57 center)
  • Tot. 33 kemper rigs

Free demo rig Orange Rockerver50 – taste the power of complete pack!

Free – demo

Orange amps history

Cliff Cooper in the 60’s owned the Orange brand, but he didn’t build amplifiers, it was the name of his recording studio! During 1968 Cliff commissioned a 30w head called “2000 series” from a small company in the north of England. Still in the same year, satisfied, he asked him for other 100w heads. The brand name was Matamp named after the founder Mathias.

An Orange / Matamps collaboration begins, Cliff asked him for these characteristics: the covers should have been bright orange (he used the orange tolex because it was the cheapest at the time), the writings replaced by bizarre symbols, the knobs similar to those used on equipment used in the 1950s. They should also have been equipped with sturdy chrome handles combined with indestructible chassis.

Cliff was friends with bands with musicians who also toured in the States, so he supplied them with amplifiers to make them known to the general public! Everything perfect

… but there was a little problem … they were too clean! So Cliff had the distortion added! So from the OR120 model, in the course of the 70s, also the OD120 model with the distorted channel!

He approached musicians like Jimmy Page, Stevie Wonder, B.B King, James Brown….Orange is still a major brand today, especially in the metal world with bands like Slipknot and Mastodon bringing these sounds to modern metal … the rest is history under construction!

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